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  • "By bridging the gap between research breakthroughs and the commercialization of green chemistry innovations, GreenCentre Canada is making important contributions towards a more sustainable and prosperous future. The centre’s suite of commercialization services helps turn highly promising technologies into commercially viable products and processes that will benefit all Canadians."

    Suzanne Fortier
    Chair, Networks of Centres of Excellence Steering Committee and President, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council

  • "GreenCentre is working with us to further improve our technology and develop specific applications to make it attractive to potential industrial clients. They also participate financially and strategically in intellectual protection. I am very grateful to them. They took care of all the legal aspects so I could focus on my research."

    Dennis Hall
    Professor of Chemistry, University of Alberta

  • "Our collaboration with GreenCentre resolved a major issue standing on the path to commercialization of our product. GreenCentre helped optimize the production, reduce manufacturing costs, and define a quality control framework for the chemical components that underpin our microbiological testing system for drinking water. Their highly capable team took on the project with enthusiasm; cooperated and communicated well with our team; and provided great results to our unique technical and commercialization challenges. We were impressed with GreenCentre’s capabilities and look forward to additional collaborations in the future."

    Doug Wilton
    Vice President of Operations, ENDETEC (Global Sensor Platform- Veolia Water Solutions and Technologies)

  • "Our partnership with GreenCentre Canada to commercialize our green chemistry discoveries has been a hugely beneficial relationship, allowing us to fully capitalize the multiple applications of our initial discovery. I believe that it is the teamwork approach to commercializing our green chemistry discoveries to be one of the success hallmarks of GreenCentre Canada. They have significant expertise and resources normally not available to any university, much less a small institution like ours. GreenCentre Canada has been instrumental as our commercialization partner. Their broad expertise and resources has enabled several of our chemical discoveries to be scaled up and tested to the point where many industrial clients of the GreenCentre Canada are seeking sub-licenses to our technologies."

    Andrew J. D. Kendall
    Manager, Industry Liaison and Knowledge Transfer Office, St. Francis Xavier University

  • "Win has been impressed on several levels, and especially with how quickly the GreenCentre team understood our needs and aim for the project. We have witnessed a clear demonstration of their expertise, not only in synthetic organic chemistry, but also in business accumen and understanding of external funding opportunities. Our expectations for the relationship have clearly been exceeded, and we are continuing to look at other projects in which we can cooperate. Win Chemicals has always had a strong commitment to develop green chemistry, and we believe we have found a key partner in GreenCentre that shares this same value."

    Jim Wingfield
    Owner, WIN Chemicals

  • "GreenCentre allows academic researchers to achieve the focus on applications that industry requires, while simultaneously searching for other problems that the new technology will solve."

    Jason Clyburne
    Professor, Saint Mary’s University

  • "GreenCentre Canada has opened opportunities and connected us to technologies that we would never have seen anywhere else."

    Rick Tabor
    Research Associate, Stepan Company

  • "GreenCentre has demonstrated great proficiency and value in its chemistry services. GreenCentre's combination of technical expertise, laboratory resources, and flexible business model is extremely rare in the industry. This makes GreenCentre an ideal development partner."

    GreenCentre Innovation Services client

  • "[GreenCentre Canada] adds incredible value to our technology transfer processes by investing in new market identification, commercial testing, scale-up, and by bringing a whole suite of commercial partners to the table."

    Brent Sternig
    CEO, Industry Partnerships, University of Victoria

  • "We came to GreenCentre with a formula for our adhesive technology that worked well in the lab but did not have a clear path (or the proper equipment) for scale up production. GreenCentre tested our material on large-scale equipment, leveraging their industry network, and developed a procedure and recommendations for a manufacturing process. As a start-up company, we faced difficult challenges for scale up and commercialization, but now, because of GreenCentre, we have a defined path to bring out technology to market."

    Hermann Koch
    Director, Fortalesa Technologies

Success Stories

  • Dr. Philip Jessop wins prestigious international award

    June 13, 2013

    A new technology developed by Dr. Philip Jessop, Canada Research Chair in Green Chemistry at Queen’s University and Technical Director at GreenCentre Canada, has earned him the prestigious Eni Award in New Frontiers of Hydrocarbons – Upstream prize.

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