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What is Green Chemistry?

Historically, the chemical industry has been poorly understood.  Even though chemical and materials manufacturing facilities are found in just about every major urban centre around the world, few people are aware of this industry’s integral role on the human condition.  In the end, chemistry makes everything we do possible. Our daily routines, the products we use, our clothes, food, homes, and transportation, are all made possible by the chemical industry—the largest manufacturing sector in the world.

The impact that the chemical industry has had on public and environmental health, however, is well known. Intense energy consumption, CO2 emissions, and resource depletion are just some of the challenges facing the chemical industry that threaten our environment.

So how do we address this dilemma, and continue to enjoy our quality of life, without damaging the environment? The solution: Green Chemistry. 

A relatively new chemical philosophy, Green Chemistry is focused on the design and implementation of chemical technologies, processes and services that are safe, energy efficient and environmentally sustainable. Adopting Green Chemistry innovations gives industry sustainable product and process alternatives that will continue to meet market demands while also enhancing sustainability, improving human health and driving the economy, thereby advancing the human condition. 

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