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GreenCentre, Springboard Atlantic, and Saint Mary’s University launches the Atlantic Green Chemistry Innovation Program

In partnership with Springboard Atlantic and Saint Mary’s University, GreenCentre has launched the Atlantic Green Chemistry Innovation Program aimed at accelerating the commercialization of green chemistry technologies that come out of Atlantic Canada. 

Since inception in 2009, GreenCentre has received 411 green technology disclosures from universities across Canada. Twenty percent of these disclosures have been from Eastern Canada. 

"There has been a flurry of activity in green chemistry from the Atlantic region of Canada and it only makes sense to harness the expertise in the region," says Dr. Rui Resendes, Executive Director of GreenCentre. "Establishing a physical presence in Atlantic Canada will better service the research community and in doing so, enhance exposure to the green chemistry technologies emerging from the region."

Through this collaboration, GreenCentre will have an office located at Springboard in Halifax with a dedicated commercialization director charged with deploying the commercialization services of GreenCentre throughout Atlantic Canada.

The Partners

Springboard is a network of technology transfer professionals with a sustainable mandate to accelerate academic innovation.

Saint Mary’s University established the Atlantic Centre for Green Chemistry in 2009 to enable university chemistry researcher from across the region to collaborate on research projects.

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