2013 Sustainable Chemistry Summit, June 19-21, 2013, Montreal, Quebec
2013 Sustainable Chemistry Summit, Presented by GreenCentre Canada

Thank you to our sponsors, speakers and delegates, who made the 2013 Sustainable Chemistry Summit a huge success. Please take a few moments and give us your feedback on the event:

Select slideshows from the various speakers and panels throughout the Summit are now available. Also, be sure to check back as we'll be adding more as we receive permission!

The 2013 Sustainable Chemistry Summit, presented by GreenCentre Canada, mapped the journey of green chemistry technologies from lab to market. Following the path of innovation, the Summit started with sessions on the genesis of discoveries, unfolded along each step of the journey toward commercialization, and included a look at real-life examples of technologies that have made it.

Presented by GreenCentre Canada

2013 Sustainable Chemistry Summit; Presented by GreenCentre Canada