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GreenCentre is a unique new model of technology commercialization. Through our technical and commercialization activities, we harness the power of early stage Green Chemistry innovations and position them for market entry to make positive environmental and economic impacts. To date, our technology portfolio includes:

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Switchable Technology Portfolio
An exciting and groundbreaking selection of proprietary "switchable" additives for greener extractions and separations. Learn more.


Catalyst Portfolio
A unique portfolio of efficient catalysts sourced from universities across Canada and developed in-house. Learn more.

corn and plastic bottle

High Performance Catalysts for Biodegradable Polyesters
A new class of catalyst that can be used to prepare PLA with increased melting points and, consequently, increased durability. Learn more.

Biodegradable bag

Precursors for Atomic Layer Deposition
Allows microelectronics plans to build up layers of copper in successive layers that are one atom thick. Learn more.

cleaning products

Gemini Multi-Purpose Surfactants
A new class of greener surfactants that are more effective in smaller amounts than traditional surfactants. Learn more.

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Eco-Friendly Biocide for Coatings
An environmentally friendly alternative for use in marine anti-fouling applications as well as being effective against mould, bacteria and algae. Learn more.

Biodiesel plant

Improved Process for the Manufacturing of Biodiesel
This technology has the potential to improve the economics of biodiesel manufacturing while reducing waste and improving the quality of all the end products. Learn more.

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Flow Reactor Catalyst Immobilization
This technology allows complex metal-based homogeneous catalysts to be effectively used in heterogeneous reactor systems. Learn more.

solar panels

Innovative Material for Building Integrated Solar Panels
New pastes for dye sensitized solar cells that have great promise in building integrated solar panels while utilizing less material. Learn more.

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