Funded Technologies

GreenCentre accepts green chemistry technology disclosures from university researchers across Canada. If a technology that has been disclosed to GreenCentre has strong commercialization potential but requires further basic research or testing, we will award the researchers and their institution a Proof of Principle funding grant. 

Here are some of the technologies that GreenCentre has funded:

Improved Process for the Manufacturing of Biodiesel
University of Saskatchewan

Biodegradable Ionic Liquids as Oil Dispersants
Saint Mary's University

Novel Cross-Coupling Ligands 
Dalhousie University 

Iron-based catalysts for hydrogenation
University of Toronto

UV screeners for recyclable packaging
Queen’s University

Beta amino acids for protein-based drugs
University of Ottawa

Reusable catalysts and asymmetrical molecules for greener chemical compounds
University of Alberta

Synthesis of organohalogens for drug design
Queen's University

Reversible antioxidants for UV protection
University of Ottawa

Antifreeze molecules for gas/oil pipeline industry
University of Ottawa

Energy efficient drug production
University of British Columbia

Green material for fuel cells
University of Ontario Institute of Technology

Natural enzymes for silicone products
Brock University

Non-toxic catalysts for biodegradable polymers
University of Lethbridge

Superconducting polymers
Mount Allison University








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