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Available Technologies

We source technologies from universities and small-medium enterprises across Canada. Once GreenCentre has accepted a technology from an institution, we formally secure commercialization rights by obtaining an exclusive, worldwide license. This allows our technical and commercialization experts to de-risk and develop the technology and prepare it for the marketplace.

Technologies that have been in-licensed by GreenCentre:

Catalytic Hydrogenation of Esters and Dehydrogenative Coupling of Alcohols

Eco-Friendly Biocide for Coatings

Switchable Water

High Performance Catalysts for Biodegradable Polyesters

Carboxylic Acid Amidation

'Gemini' Multi-Purpose Surfactants

Precursors for Atomic Layer Deposition

Metal-Free Hydrogenation Catalysts

For more information on any of these technologies please contact us:

We will endeavor to respond within 48 hours of receiving your email.

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