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SME Commercialization Fund awarded projects

GreenCentre awards Vive Crop for the scale-up production of their Allosperse® polymers

GreenCentre Canada has awarded $150,000 to Vive Crop through the SME Commercialization Fund.  Vive Crop has developed Allosperse®: water dispersible polymers for enhanced delivery of crop protection products. The funding will help this Canadian clean-tech company scale up the production of their innovative product.  Due to the unique properties of the Allosperse® polymer, crop protection chemicals can be made much more effective by coating plant surfaces more evenly, having a longer life on the plant while being protected from degradation by sunlight.  This means that less of the crop protection compounds need to be used, and that spraying of crops can be less frequent. This reduces the environmental footprint of the crop protection agents while still retaining their benefits and maintaining crop yields. Furthermore, since the Allosperse® polymers are water-soluble, formulations can be made without the use of organic solvent, a feature that is better for the environment and safer for the farmer. For these reasons, the Allosperse® technology represents a greener, more sustainable approach to crop protection.

COFOVO Energy funded by GreenCentre for CPV technology

GreenCentre Canada has awarded $123,000 to COFOVO Energy Inc., an Ottawa-based start-up that is developing a low-cost concentrator photovoltaic (CPV) system for use in high-sun locations.  For COFOVO Energy, the funding will be used for testing the performance of their proprietary CPV module under accelerated weather stresses, in addition to evaluating thermal and mechanical performance. COFOVO's CPV technology costs the same as standard solar panel technology, yet is 2-3 times more efficient and produces up to 60% more electricity in high-sun locations where standard solar panels perform poorly.  The company is targeting this technology for utility-scale power plants and industrial plants in isolated regions of the world where access to electrical grids is limited. The company's CPV technology will allow them to access an estimated $50 billion market opportunity by 2020 and promises to provide efficient and renewable energy to areas of the world that are under serviced by existing technologies.


GreenCentre funds Polar Sapphire for green production of LED components

GreenCentre Canada has awarded $150,000 to Polar Sapphire through the SME Commercialization Fund program.  The funding will help this Canadian clean-tech company's commercialization efforts toward developing their proprietary green, low-energy process of producing high-purity alumina (HPA) in a pilot demonstration plant. HPA is used as a feedstock for manufacturing sapphire crystals, which are used as the substrate for LED devices that are found in consumer electronic display screens and energy-efficient lighting. The traditional Verneuil process of producing sapphire crystals from HPA, which was invented over 100 years ago and still used today, consumes nearly 50 kilowatt-hours/kg more energy than the new process developed by Polar Sapphire—the equivalent of approximately a day and a half of energy usage in the average North American home. Polar Sapphire's range of alumina products is manufactured using an innovative environmentally friendly process, which conserves energy and prevents waste.

Datec Coating Corporation funded by GreenCentre for scale-up of Sol-Gel Solution

Datec Coating Corporation (Mississauga, ON) has been awarded $58,000 from GreenCentre Canada’s SME Commercialization Fund.  Datec is an innovative company focusing on developing high performance, thick film heating elements that can be applied directly to numerous substrate materials including aluminum.  These products are much more versatile than traditional heating elements as they provide fast, uniform, and on-demand heat using much less electrical energy.  They can also be used in a wide variety of applications, including food service, medical, analytical, and consumer goods.  This funding will allow Datec to scale-up production of a key material component of the heating element, further enabling their commercial production.

GreenCentre Awards Altranex Energy for Green Additive for Petroleum Diesel

Altranex Energy has been awarded $100,000 from GreenCentre Canada’s SME Commercialization Fund. Altranex Energy is a developer and marketer of biodiesel fuels specifically formulated to work in cold climates.  Green Kero™ is a drop-in replacement for diesel, biodiesel and home heating oil that can be used directly in diesel engines or as an additive to petroleum diesel. The award will allow Altranex Energy to further develop their proprietary technology.


GreenCentre awards Fortalesa Technologies $100,000

Fortalesa Technologies, a start-up company based on a technology developed by Professor David Potter of McMaster University, has been awarded $100,000 from GreenCentre’s SME Commercialization Fund. The funds will help Fortalesa to commercialize their proprietary adhesive technology, which can be used in a variety of applications ranging from consumer goods to automotive. Fortalesa and GreenCentre will work together to optimize formulations and process parameters, and prepare test quantities of promising commercial prototypes for customer validation. 

Win Chemicals Awarded $62, 500

Win Chemicals has been awarded $62,500 as part of GreenCentre’s SME Commercialization Fund (SCF)— a program that supports the commercialization activities of Ontario-based, chemistry-driven small and medium sized enterprises. Based in Burlington, Ontario, Win Chemicals offers a wide range of raw materials for product development and has been awarded the funds from GreenCentre for a project designed to commercialize a green, high performance surfactant technology.

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