GreenCentre SME Commercialization Fund

GreenCentre's SME Commercialization Fund (SCF) supports the commercialization activities of Ontario-based, chemistry-driven small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).  Through the SCF program, GreenCentre provides funding, specialized services, infrastructure and expertise to SMEs looking to develop products and processes that use less energy and fewer resources as well as produce less waste.  

The SCF program awards $50,000 to $150,000, to a maximum of 25% of total project costs, for one year.  The applicant is required to secure the remaining 75% of the project’s costs from sources such as:

  • The company's own cash/in-kind resources
  • Federal grants (e.g. NSERC, I2I, NRC-IRAP)
  • Federal SR&ED credits

The SCF program is designed for Ontario-based SMEs meeting qualifying financial criteria.  Eligible activities include green assessments, product and application development, scale-up manufacturing and targeted basic research in support of commercialization. Projects will be evaluated based on:

  • Fit with GreenCentre's mandate
  • Uniqueness and competitive advantage of the technology
  • Job creation and retention possibilities
  • Viability of the business plan

Contact GreenCentre to find out if your project is a fit for this program.

Howie Honeyman, PhD
Chief Technology Officer
P: 613-507-4700, ext. 133

Projects that have been awarded through GreenCentre's SCF program.

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