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Our Process

GreenCentre Canada works in partnership with the researcher and their technology transfer office to help realize the potential of their research. We accept solicited and unsolicited early-stage technologies that have moved beyond basic research and are into the development stage.

Prior to proceeding with an assessment, GreenCentre will request from your institution a 90-day option to license the technology. Technologies are then assessed for novelty, technical viability and intellectual property position. Technologies judged to be outside GreenCentre’s mandate will be declined. However, GreenCentre will make every effort to provide reasons and/or recommendations as appropriate.

Our screening committee, which consists of representative members from GreenCentre, and our industry sponsors and funders, will review and recommend technologies for acceptance into GreenCentre.

Many considerations come into play when deciding how best to invest the commercialization resources of GreenCentre Canada. We project a rate of commercialization of early-stage technologies similar to that of the industrial sector, where about 10 per cent of discoveries are developed and about 10 per cent of those reach the market.

GreenCentre will forward its Technology Assessment and Recommendations reports to the researcher’s technology transfer office. Should GreenCentre wish to exercise its option, we will notify your institution in writing within the 90-day option period.

Once a technology is accepted, GreenCentre will formally secure commercialization rights by obtaining an exclusive, worldwide license from the technology’s host institution.

Technology Disclosure Timeline

Technology Disclosure Timeline

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