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The field of green chemistry has tremendous potential to have a positive impact on our environment and our lives, provided we can get the ideas out of the lab and used in commercial applications. Making that transition involves building a business case and an emphasis on the “D” in “R&D”—not traditionally areas of expertise for university researchers.

GreenCentre’s unique collaborative model for commercializing green chemistry technologies can fill the gap between great research and great business opportunities.

Our services to academic clients include:
• Technology review and due diligence
• Intellectual property protection
• Identify and assess value to industry and undertake market analysis
• Develop product and/or process to address industry needs
• Application development
• Scale-up synthesis and customer sample preparation
• Development of business plan
• Creation of sales and marketing channels

Our expertise includes:
• Industry members who assess and validate technology opportunities
• Commercialization managers in catalysis, fine chemicals/pharmaceuticals
• Business development officers
• Scientific teams in catalysis, fine chemicals/pharmaceuticals, polymers and materials and petrochemicals

Our point of contact for researchers is their institution’s technology transfer/industry liaison office.

Learn more about the technologies that we have funded.

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