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Our Labs

GreenCentre Canada operates in two state-of-the-art facilities in Ontario for the development of chemical technologies—on both small and larger scales.

The GreenCentre Innovation Services team operates out of two unique and fully equipped laboratory spaces.   These two facilities allow GreenCentre to meet our clients' needs across the entire development chain, from early discovery bench work through to scale-up.

These facilities enable custom synthesis, product and process development, application testing, and scale-up activities for a wide variety of chemistry and materials technologies.  They include state-of-the-art wet labs with solvent-handling systems, inert atmosphere glove boxes and a full suite of analytical testing equipment.  Our scale-up area with large fume hoods are available for larger scale projects.

For clients requiring pilot unit design, construction and operation, in addition to pre-tolling services, GreenCentre has several partnering options available.  Whether accessing GreenCentre’s network or working with client preferred partners, GreenCentre offers a seamless transition to enable larger scale manufacturing or process development for our clients.


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