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Eric Kelusky

Doctor Kelusky has undergraduate and graduate degrees in chemistry and molecular biophysics and did a postdoctoral fellowship in surface science.  He held R&D and manufacturing roles with DuPont.  From 1995 until retiring in 2010, Doctor Kelusky held a variety of executive roles with NOVA Chemicals in research, new technology commercialization, business management for performance polymers, executive assistant to the CEO, M&A work and finally as VP of Technology for NOVA Chemicals.  As VP of Technology for NOVA Chemicals, he was responsible for all research and development in Canada and the USA, covering polymers and petrochemicals. From 2011 to 2012, Doctor Kelusky was the CTO for Switchable Solutions, a start-up company developing new green technology. Doctor Kelusky currently consults in the areas of R&D and intellectual property, and is Chair of the Board of Directors of GreenCentre Canada and on the Expert Advisory Committee of the Alberta GHG Management Program.