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Lynne Manuel

Lynne Manuel has 35 years experience in process and product development and commercialization in the chemical industry in a range of technology, operations, marketing, and business leadership roles. She graduated from McMaster University with a degree in Engineering Physics.

Lynne began her career in 1981 as a Research Scientist at the DuPont Research and Development Centre in Kingston, Ontario, working on polymers and process development for the nylon and polythene businesses.  In 1995, Lynne joined Nova Chemicals as Research Manager at the Research and Technology Centre in Calgary, Alberta, then moved into marketing and business leadership roles including VP Polyethylene and VP of Technology for the Global Polystyrene business at the US operating centre in Pittsburgh, PA. In 2001, Lynne returned to Canada and, until retiring in 2015, held a variety of leadership roles in R&D and operations at DuPont in Kingston.