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Amir Rabiee Kenaree

Dr. Amir Rabiee Kenaree obtained his B.Sc. degree in Chemistry in 2007 at the University of Tehran. There, he continued his education by joining Prof. Caro Lucas’ lab where he worked on the applications of artificial intelligence for simulating and modeling industrial processes to complete his M.Sc. degree in Chemical Engineering in 2010. After that, he worked as the CEO of an edible-oil manufacturing company, until he moved to the University of Western Ontario where he started his Ph.D. project under the supervision of Prof. Joe Gilroy in 2013. There he worked on the synthesis of metal-containing phosphines and their use in coordination, polymer, and materials science to complete his Ph.D. degree in 2016. He then joined the Gillies lab in 2017, and his research was focused on anionic polymerization methods in addition to developing new self-immolative materials based on new monomers, architectures, end-capping strategies, and building blocks. Amir joined the GreenCentre team in the fall of 2019.