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Kerim Samedov

Dr. Kerim Samedov (PhD, Berlin Institute of Technology, Germany) acquired his Diploma in Chemistry at the Freie University Berlin. He then moved to the Berlin Institute of Technology, Germany to pursue his doctoral studies under the supervision of Professor Matthias Driess, working on the synthesis of mixed tin/indium alkoxides as single-source precursors for tin-rich ITO-based materials for application in FET transistors. In 2011, Kerim moved to the United States to assume a postdoctoral research assistant position at the Organosilicon Research Center in the laboratories of E. G. Rochow Professor of Chemistry Robert C. West at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. His postdoctoral research focused on a variety of topics including muon spin resonance spectroscopy (mSR) at TRIUMF facilities in Vancouver, BC, Canada of metalorganic compounds, DFT studies of muoniated radicals, synthesis and characterization of low-valent Group 14 elements, and synthesis/characterization and photophysical properties studies of silole-based AIE-gens. In 2015, he moved to Canada to join the research group of Professor Derek Gates at the University of British Columbia (Vancouver campus) as a postdoctoral fellow to continue and extend his mSR-related research at TRIUMF to the low-valent phosphorus compounds and contribute to synthesis and characterization of novel phosphaalkene-based polymers, before moving on to GreenCentre Canada in June 2019.