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Patrick Eisenberger

Patrick Eisenberger (PhD, ETH Zurich, Switzerland) began his undergraduate studies at ETH Zurich in Switzerland. After a brief internship at Solvias in Basel under the guidance of Dr. Benoît Pugin, he joined Prof. Antonio Togni’s laboratory at ETH Zurich in 2003 and developed the now commercially available Togni reagents. In 2008, he began a SNF-funded postdoctoral fellowship in the group of Prof. Laurel L. Schafer at UBC, Vancouver where he was working on early transition-metal (group 4 and 5) catalyzed syntheses of small N-containing molecules. In 2011 he joined the research group of Prof. Cathleen M. Crudden at Queen’s University, Kingston as a postdoctoral researcher working on catalyst development. Patrick joined the GreenCentre team in the summer of 2016.