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2013 Archives

December 19: - Reclaiming spilt oil

November 29: - Iron-based process promises greener, cheaper and safer drug and perfume production

November 26: - Getting value out of lower-grade canola: Advances in technology set the stage for biodiesel and biolubricant opportunities.

November 13: - Government of Canada Invests in Commercialization Centres: Support to Ensure More Ideas get to Market

October 21: News SB - Philip G. Jessop is the new Landolt & Cie Chair

September 12: - Switchable Solutions Announces New Funding for Bitumen Recovery Process That Could Reduce GHG Emissions from Extraction by 50%

September 6: Queen's University News Centre - Record number of Queen's professors elected to Royal Society of Canada

August 20: Victoria News - The quantum leap out of the lab

August: Specialty Chemicals Magazine - Carbon-minded Canada

July 9: - Improving the Industrial Feasibility of Metal-Free Hydrogenation: Catalysts Using Chemical Scavengers

July 3: - Green cement: Using a by-product of the pulp and paper industry to create a kind of super glue for cement

June 2: - Jeff Garrah will be at GreenCentre's Sustainable Chemistry Summit.

June 5: Congoo - BASF participates in Sustainable Chemistry Summit in Montreal

June 5: Innovation Park News - Dr. Philip Jessop of GreenCentre Canada earns prestigious international honour

May 30: - Eni Award - Ideas For a Brighter Future - The 2013 Awards are: "New Frontiers of Hydrocarbons", "Renewable Energy", "Protection of the Environment" and "Debut in Research".

May 8: - Launching innovative startups from Kingston's Launch Lab

April 10: Stewardship Ontario News - Academics, industrialists, and non-profit unite to recycle polystyrene

April 3: Delaware Sustainable Chemistry Alliance News - DESCA 2013 Sustainable Chemistry Summit Showcased Bio-based and Green Chemistry Innovation

March 6: Canadian Chemical News - Mass Appeal by Tim Lougheed (pg 24)

February 23: - FO employs switchable draw solution

January 18: CleanBreak blog - Could "switchable salts" be a game changer for desalination market?

January 18: The - New approach to water desalination holds great potential

January 16: Technology Transfer Tactics - Canadian researchers license cheap "green" method for creating chemical compounds

January 11: PARTEQ Innovations - Industry-changing green chemical process awarded US patent

January 7: Springboard Atlantic - GreenCentre licenses Gemini Surfact Technology

January 1: KingstonLife - The State of Innovation