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April 10, 2019
GreenCentre Canada Accepting Applications for RISE (Raising Innovative and Sustainable Enterprises) Program to Assist Early Stage Chemistry and Advanced Materials Companies

KINGSTON, ON (April 10, 2019) - GreenCentre Canada is excited to announce that it is now accepting applications for its RISE (Raising Innovative and Sustainable Enterprises) Program.  This program will directly assist early stage companies that were created at a Canadian post secondary institution, or are utilizing a core technology developed at a Canadian post-secondary institution, as they develop into successful sustainable, growing businesses.


August 28, 2018
E3 Metals granted $100,000 in funding from Alberta Innovates for the continued development of its lithium extraction technology
  • E3 Metals has been granted $100,000 of government funding from Alberta Innovates 
  • The development work funded by this grant will focus on the Company’s lithium extraction process, conducted at GreenCentre Canada 


May 28, 2018
Bioindustrial Innovation Canada and GreenCentre Canada announce private investment in Forward Water Technologies

SARNIA, MISSISSAUGA & KINGSTON, ONT - Bioindustrial Innovation Canada (BIC), Forward Water Technologies (FWT) and GreenCentre Canada (GCC) are thrilled to jointly announce a private investment into Forward Water Technologies supporting the commercial scale-up of a proprietary forward osmosis technology that holds the potential to alleviate the increasing global demand for fresh water, and substantially reduce waste water treatment and disposal costs. 


February 14, 2018
Johnson Matthey to offer Gusev Ester Hydrogenation Catalysts via an exclusive global licensing agreement with GreenCentre Canada.

Johnson Matthey (LSE: JMAT), a global leader in science that enables cleaner air, improved health and more efficient use of natural resources, today announced the successful scale-up and commercial availability of a novel Gusev catalyst for ester hydrogenation.


February 1, 2018
GreenCentre Canada Launches Program to Improve Sustainability and Green Practices in Ontario based Academic and Industrial Laboratories

GreenCentre Canada is proud to announce its new GreenLab Assessment Program funded through Ontario’s Partners in Climate Action grant program.


January 2, 2018
GreenCentre Announces 3rd IHC4 Competition

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: GreenCentre Canada is excited to announce our 3rd InnovationHouse Chemistry Countering Climate Change (IHC4) Competition.


November 29, 2017
RIC Centre Announces Partnership with GreenCentre Canada

The Research Innovation Commercialization Centre (RIC Centre) and GreenCentre Canada are proud to announce a joint cohort for the upcoming February 2018 Incubator term.


November 6, 2017
Forward Water Technologies Awarded Alberta Innovates-SDTC Joint Funding

Mississauga, ON (Monday, November 6, 2017) - Forward Water Technologies (FWT) is honoured to announce its successful application of a joint funding award through Alberta Innovates and SDTC aimed at accelerating the commercialization of water related technologies that benefit Alberta and Canada.


October 16, 2017
Green tech start-ups pitch investors at Innovation4D

Green tech start-ups pitch Investors at Innovation4D event in Mississauga

Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie presented a certificate of recognition to executives of Green Centre Canada (GCC), the Research Innovation Commercialization Centre (RICC) and the Xerox Research Centre of Canada (XRCC) at the inaugural Innovation4D event at the XRCC’s Innovation Hub in Mississauga on Monday, October 16.


September 5, 2017
GreenCentre Partners with Lorama AMENDMENT

GreenCentre Canada would like to issue an amendment to a media release dated July 31, 2017.


July 31, 2017
GreenCentre Partners with Lorama to Commercialize Environmentally Friendly Paint Technology

GreenCentre Canada and Lorama Group Inc. are pleased to announce an agreement to jointly commercialize a powerful new environmentally friendly paint technology. Under this agreement, GreenCentre and Lorama will jointly introduce this new technology to the global paint and coatings industry.




June 2, 2017
CIC-GreenCentre Collaboration Aims to Bridge Academia and Industry

The Chemical Institute of Canada (CIC) and GreenCentre Canada are pleased to announce their collaboration, created to facilitate and increase relationships across academia and industry throughout the Canadian chemistry and chemical engineering community.


March 6, 2017
GreenCentre's Top 10 Successes in 2016

As GreenCentre continues to help Change Chemistry and Change the World, here is a recap of our top ten successes from 2016.



February 6, 2017
As Conference Season Approaches... Protect Your IP!

As conference season approaches, remember to protect your intellectual property rights before submitting your abstract.



February 1, 2017
GreenCentre Canada Launches Second SME Competition to Counter Climate Change

GreenCentre Canada is excited to announce our second InnovationHouse Chemistry Countering Climate Change (IHC4) SME Competition. 


January 16, 2017
GreenCentre Canada and Johnson Matthey Enter Licensing Agreement

GreenCentre Canada is pleased to announce it has entered into an exclusive global licensing agreement with Johnson Matthey Plc., a leading multi-national producer of catalysts and specialty chemicals. 


November 22, 2016
GreenCentre Canada Selects Top 5 Startups to Fight Climate Change

GreenCentre Canada recently held its first IHC4 Competition, awarding the five most promising startup companies with the opportunity to further develop their greenhouse-gas-reducing technologies.


November 3, 2016
GreenCentre Canada's Continued Program to Counter Climate Change Offers Funding for Academic Researchers

GreenCentre Canada is excited to announce the InnovationHouse Chemistry Countering Climate Change Call for Academic Inventions (IHC4 Call for Academic Inventions).


September 8, 2016
GreenCentre Canada Launches New Program to Counter Climate Change

GreenCentre Canada is excited to announce the InnovationHouse Chemistry Countering Climate Change Competition (IHC4 Competition).


April 28, 2016
GreenCentre Partners with Chiral Technologies to Commercialize a New Catalyst for Fine Chemical Synthesis

GreenCentre Canada and Chiral Technologies Inc. are pleased to announce an agreement to jointly commercialize a powerful new catalyst technology for synthesis of fine chemicals, including pharmaceuticals and fragrance products.


April 15, 2016
GreenCentre Partners with Maratek Environmental to Commercialize Novel Solvent Recovery Solutions

GreenCentre Canada and Maratek Environmental Inc. are pleased to announce an agreement to commercialize unique technology solutions for the recovery of industrial solvents.


March 30, 2016
GreenCentre Canada Celebrates Successful Year with Deputy Premier

Today, the Kingston-based not-for-profit commercialization lab GreenCentre Canada celebrated its most successful year ever. On hand to mark the occasion was the Honourable Deb Matthews, Deputy Premier of Ontario, and local MPP Sophie Kiwala.


March 1, 2016
GreenCentre's Top 10 Successes in 2015

It’s Our Top 10 of 2015 – GreenCentre continues to help Change Chemistry and Change the World.


February 25, 2016
BASF - GreenCentre Canada Research Collaboration Finds Success

Over the past two years, BASF (Southfield, MI) and GreenCentre Canada (Kingston, ON)  have been working on a collaboration to develop novel coating concepts to meet the future needs of the automobile industry.


February 24, 2016
ASM International Chooses GreenCentre Canada Research Services

ASM is a leading supplier of semiconductor process equipment for wafer processing.


February 16, 2016
Dr. Tim Clark appointed as Technology Leader for GreenCentre Canada

GreenCentre Canada is pleased to announce that Dr. Tim Clark has been promoted to the role of Technology Leader overseeing all technology development activities and GreenCentre's Technical Team.


December 9, 2015
GreenCentre Licences Innovative Water Purification Technology to Veolia

Deal is another step forward in GreenCentre's mandate to help commercialize academic chemistry innovations.


December 1, 2015
Dr. Andrew Pasternak appointed Director of Commercialization and Business Development at GreenCentre Canada.

GreenCentre Canada is pleased to announce Dr. Andrew Pasternak has been promoted to the role of Director, Commercialization and Business Development overseeing all business development activities and GreenCentre’s Business Development Team. 


October 21, 2015
GreenCentre Launches InnovationHouse Portal

GreenCentre’s New Online Portal Promotes Green Chemistry Collaboration

GreenCentre Canada is excited to announce the launch of its InnovationHouse web portal at


August 25, 2015
Green Centre Partners with Princeton University to Bring Catalyst Innovations to Market

GreenCentre Canada and the Princeton University Office of Technology Licensing are pleased to announce a unique agreement to accelerate the commercialization of novel catalysts developed by Princeton researchers.



July 16, 2015
GreenCentre Canada Appoints Chief Executive Officer for Forward Water Technologies

GreenCentre Canada and Forward Water Technologies are pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. C. Howie Honeyman as Chief Executive Officer of Forward Water Technologies. Since October 2012, Honeyman has worked as the Chief Technology Officer of GreenCentre Canada, where he oversaw its technical and commercial activities.



July 8, 2015
GreenCentre Appoints New Executive Director

GreenCentre Canada is pleased to announce the appointment of Pete Pigott by the Board as Executive Director, effective immediately.Since April 2014, Mr. Pigott has worked to make GreenCentre a sustainable and successful business focused on effectively introducing new green innovations to market.



April 27, 2015
GreenCentre Offers Development Support for Chemistry Innovations

GreenCentre Canada is pleased to continue to offer services in support of small-to-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and entrepreneurs in Ontario looking to develop, de-risk, and scale up chemistry and materials-based innovations.



December 19, 2014
Forward Water Technologies LAUNCH Media Release

GreenCentre Canada is excited to announce that our spinoff company, Forward Water Technologies, has been selected as a top 10 Innovator in the LAUNCH System Challenge: Green Chemistry.



June 10, 2014
GreenCentre Canada Invests in Canadian Start-Up Mirexus inc.

GreenCentre Canada is pleased to announce their investment of $150,000 into Canadian start-up company, Mirexus Biotechnologies Inc. as part of the seed round led by GreenSky Capital. Based on a technology developed at the University of Guelph, Mirexus aims to advance and commercialize sustainable nanoparticles useful in formulating greener, longer lasting personal care products, improving shelf life of specialty materials and enhancing drug delivery.



March 17, 2014
GreenCentre Partners with Chemical Angel Network

GreenCentre Canada is excited to announce our partnership with The Chemical Angel Network, the only nation-wide angel network investing in seed and early stage chemical businesses (i.e. businesses with a significant chemistry component).  The chemistry component of investment targets normally falls within the general areas of measurement, manufacturing and materials.



March 17, 2014
GreenCentre Partners with the Green Chemistry & Commerce Council

We are happy to announce our partnership with Green Chemistry & Commerce Council (GC3).  GC3 is a business-to-business forum that advances the application of green chemistry and design for environment across supply chains. 



March 17, 2014
Chemical Company Developing Clean Water Technology

GreenCentre Canada has been successfully working with MANTECH Inc. to develop and apply new green chemistry methods that will allow MANTECH’s PeCOD® technology to be used on a wide array of environmental water samples. 



March 17, 2014
University of Toronto Green Chemistry Initiatives Hosts Next Steps in Green Chemistry Workshop

GreenCentre Canada is very proud to be a major sponsor for the Green Chemistry Initiative’s 2nd Annual Workshop: The Next Steps in Green Chemistry Research, which will take place May 21st to 23rd, 2014 at the University of Toronto, St. George Campus in Toronto, Ontario.