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GreenCentre Canada Launches Program to Improve Sustainability and Green Practices in Ontario based Academic and Industrial Laboratories

KINGSTON, ON (February 1, 2018) – GreenCentre Canada is proud to announce its new GreenLab Assessment Program funded through Ontario’s Partners in Climate Action grant program.

Chemistry and Life Science laboratories across Ontario are vital to perform critical sector R&D and manufacturing activities producing products that are essential to maintaining our quality of life.  The operation of these labs typically consumes a significant amount of energy and can generate a substantial amount of waste. One ultra-low temperature freezer, a common appliance in most labs, can use as much energy as an average household per day.  Changing the behaviors of researchers in these Ontario lab facilities offers an incredible opportunity for reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, energy usage, and material waste products.

Through the GreenLab Assessment Program, GreenCentre Canada is working to promote lab sustainability to both academic and industrial Chemistry and Life Science labs throughout the Province.  It will identify and support the development, testing and evaluation of innovative ideas to accelerate the adoption of low-carbon choices by Ontarians.

 “GreenCentre is excited to help labs identify areas to improve their sustainability and ultimately reduce GHG emissions and waste”, said Dr. Preston Chase, Director of Academic Business Development at GreenCentre. “We are anticipating a real and lasting impact on energy and water savings as well as helping to implement or enhance waste reduction programs while maintaining and potentially improving the operation of labs across Ontario”.

For more information on the GreenLab Assessment Program, please contact Dr. Chase at

About Ontario’s Partners in Climate Action Grant Program

This project is funded by proceeds from the Government of Ontario's carbon market, as part of Ontario's Climate Change Action Plan. The action plan and carbon market work together to support innovative initiatives that provide residents and businesses with more choices to reduce greenhouse gas pollution and save money.

The views and opinions expressed by the GreenLab Assessment Program are those of GreenCentre Canada and do not necessarily reflect those of the province.