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GreenCentre Canada's Continued Program to Counter Climate Change Offers Funding for Academic Researchers

GreenCentre Canada is excited to announce the InnovationHouse Chemistry Countering Climate Change Call for Academic Inventions (IHC4 Call for Academic Inventions).

As a continuation of GreenCentre’s InnovationHouse Chemistry Countering Climate Change (IHC4) program, the IHC4 Call for Academic Inventions aims to develop novel and commercially promising academic technologies in this area. Through the IHC4 Call for Academic Inventions, GreenCentre is accepting applications and will award proof-of-principle grants to researchers of up to $50,000 per project to support the research and development of technologies with the highest potential to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Applications are open from November 1 to December 15, 2016. This initiative provides GreenCentre with yet another avenue to continue supporting Canadian researchers, and aiming to develop, de-risk, and scale up chemistry and materials-based innovations that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and counter climate change.

Chemistry innovations that can reduce GHG emissions, either directly or indirectly through secondary processes, have the potential to significantly counter climate change while also creating economic benefits. Through the IHC4 Call for Academic Inventions, GreenCentre is looking to identify early-stage technologies in this area that could be commercialized for the economic benefit of Ontario and Canada.

“Academic research is at the forefront of discovery, making it critically important to provide support for chemistry-based innovations that show promise to reduce greenhouse gas emissions” said Dr. Preston Chase, Director of Academic Business Development at GreenCentre Canada. “GreenCentre is thrilled to offer this proof-of-principle funding opportunity in order to accelerate and develop early-stage academic technologies that can help combat climate change.”

GreenCentre is uniquely positioned to deploy its resources, network, and expertise to accelerate the development and scale-up of early-stage technologies. This program provides GreenCentre with yet another avenue to continue supporting Canadian researchers and universities in developing, de-risking, and scaling up chemistry and materials-based innovations that directly or indirectly counter climate change.

Applicant and Technology Eligibility

The IHC4 Call for Academic Inventions program is open to academic researchers at all accredited universities across Canada. Since reduction of GHG emissions is not a trivial exercise, this program will support the development of a wide variety of technologies. Eligible topic areas for technologies can include, but are not limited to:

  • Reduction of GHG emissions from conventional energy sources
  • Low-carbon, carbon-free, and carbon-neutral alternative energy sources
  • Elimination or decreased use of fuels that emit GHGs
  • Carbon capture, storage, and utilization
  • Utilization of GHGs to generate value-added products

Eligible applications will also be reviewed by an independent, industry-led screening committee.

The complete Guidelines, Eligibility Criteria, Application Form, and Deadlines for are available through GreenCentre’s InnovationHouse portal at

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