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GreenCentre Launches InnovationHouse Portal

GreenCentre's New Online Portal Promotes Green Chemistry Collaboration

KINGSTON, ONT. (October 21, 2015) — GreenCentre Canada is excited to announce the launch of its InnovationHouse web portal at

InnovationHouse is a collaborative resource for entrepreneurs, researchers, investors, and industry to access useful information related to developing early stage chemistry technologies. To join, users simply follow a 30-second sign-up process, and then they can immediately start collaborating in this interactive online community uniquely suited to their needs. 

Many industrial processes are polluting because better ways of doing chemical processes have yet to be discovered. InnovationHouse helps GreenCentre continue to be recognized as an international leader in identifying future research and innovation needs while narrowing the gap between great research and business opportunities.

“Academic scientists have the creativity and academic freedom to tackle these problems, but that effort is only successful if there is active communication between industry and academia,” GreenCentre Technical Director Philip Jessop said. “However, industry-academia communication has always been hit-and-miss.”

From industry’s perspective, they have information about real needs and performance criteria; and for academics, they are an often-untapped source of new discoveries. “InnovationHouse will enhance that communication so academia can learn about real needs and performance criteria and industry can learn about new technologies,” Jessop added. “The result? The commercialization of greener and more economically competitive processes!”

How Members Will Benefit

InnovationHouse offers benefits to all stakeholders in the field of green chemistry:

·       Academics: The portal provides an electronic method for submitting disclosures; access to the ONE Chemistry Program application; access to GreenCentre’s network of experts; and a place to promote research and attract potential industry partners.

·       Entrepreneurs and Small/Medium Businesses: The portal provides entrepreneurs and small/medium-sized enterprises access to the ONE Chemistry Program application; a place to profile their company/technology to potential investors or partners; access to GreenCentre’s network of experts; and a confidential place to submit problem statements.

·       Industry and Investors: The portal provides industry a confidential place to submit problem statements; technology scouting services; a place to profile their company; potential investment opportunities; and access to GreenCentre’s network of experts.

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