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GreenCentre Partners with Maratek Environmental to Commercialize Novel Solvent Recovery Solutions

GreenCentre Canada and Maratek Environmental Inc. are pleased to announce an agreement to commercialize unique technology solutions for the recovery of industrial solvents.

Industrial solvents are used in the chemical industry to produce a wide variety of products, including paints, printing inks, coatings, and plastics. Recycling takes the used, dirty solvents and converts them to pure form so they can be reused—mitigating their environmental impact and reducing the need for their disposal by incineration or landfill.

Under this agreement, GreenCentre will work with Maratek to address key challenges in the solvent recovery industry. GreenCentre will provide chemistry expertise and access to novel technologies developed at Canadian academic institutions while Maratek will design, engineer, manufacture, and distribute equipment based on these technologies. Maratek will also provide insight into existing industrial challenges faced by its clients and the industry in general.

“GreenCentre is very pleased to have the opportunity to partner with a leading Ontario provider of solvent recycling equipment and services,” said Pete Pigott, Executive Director of GreenCentre Canada. “Maratek’s equipment manufacturing capabilities and distribution channels makes it an ideal partner for GreenCentre to commercialize exciting Canadian academic technologies. Keeping the economic benefits of these technologies within Canada, and specifically Ontario, is a key goal of GreenCentre’s commercialization strategy.”

An industrial challenge first addressed in this collaboration is the removal of water from solvents. This drying of solvents is a key requirement for the reuse of industrial solvents, which is currently addressed by energy intensive distillation or expensive molecular sieve technologies. GreenCentre and Maratek are collaborating to commercialize novel drying agents developed by Prof. Philip Jessop at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. This technology, based on a “switchable” polymer material, absorbs water from solvents when exposed to CO2. Removal of the CO2 displacement triggers water release and the ability to reuse the drying agents.

“Maratek is very pleased to have access to the extensive capabilities of GreenCentre, and its university network base of contacts, in order to speed up the development and commercialization phases of our product development strategies,” adds Mr. Colin Darcel, President of Maratek.