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GreenCentre's Top 10 Successes in 2015

It's Our Top 10 of 2015 - GreenCentre continues to help Change Chemistry and Change the World:

10. Selected as a Top 10 Innovator in Green Chemistry

Forward Water was selected as a Top 10 Innovator in the LAUNCH System Challenge for green chemistry. The company’s process for remediating industrial wastewater was identified as a game-changer.


9. 22 Patent Applications Filed

Intellectual property (IP) is a key GreenCentre output and the cornerstone supporting technology commercialization. Since investment opportunities are directed at technologies with robust IP protection, we focus on IP development in parallel to our technical and commercial activities.

8. Collaborating with Princeton Researchers

We made a unique agreement with Princeton University to accelerate the commercialization of novel catalysts developed by its researchers.


7. Partnering with Xerox Research Centre of Canada

We have advanced our collaboration with Xerox Research Centre of Canada by leveraging its expertise and state-of-the-art facility and chemical pilot plant to advance sustainable chemistry innovations.


6. Appointing a New Executive Director

In July 2015, we welcomed Pete Pigott as our new executive director, who has worked to make GreenCentre a sustainable and successful business focused on effectively introducing new green innovations to market.


5. Appointing Howie Honeyman CEO of Forward Water

We were thrilled to appoint Dr. C. Howie Honeyman as CEO of Forward Water Technologies. Formerly GreenCentre’s chief technology officer, his knowledge, enthusiasm, and drive will help bring Forward Water’s revolutionary technology to market.


4. Brokering Out-License Agreement with Veolia

In December 2015, we effectively brokered a licensing agreement with Veolia for a ground-breaking water purification technology, moving the technology from the university setting to real-world applications.


3. Forward Water Technologies Completes Pilot Unit

GreenCentre spinoff Forward Water Technologies completed the construction of its pilot-scale engineering testing platform to provide concise process performance data and give early adopters confidence in the commercial viability of the technology.


2. ONE Program Successes

We’ve exceeded growth targets with the ONE Program and look to make a significant global impact with the technologies currently in development. The program was created to assist Ontario-based entrepreneurs in developing, de-risking, and scaling up their innovations.


1. Launching InnovationHouse

In October 2015, we successfully launched InnovationHouse—a collaborative online portal to help researchers, entrepreneurs, and industry develop early stage chemistry technologies.