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GreenCentre's Top 10 Successes in 2016

As GreenCentre continues to help Change Chemistry and Change the World, here is a recap of our top ten successes from 2016.

10. Expanded our Team with New HQPs

In 2016, we hired Dr. Preston Chase as Director of Academic Business Development, and Laura Reyes as Marketing & Communications Coordinator. We are also thrilled to welcome our new technical hires: Patrick Eisenberger, Simon van der Plas, Joshua MacLennan, and Nicholas Beach.

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9. Partnership with Maratek Environmental

We partnered with Maratek Environmental to commercialize unique technology solutions for the recovery of industrial solvents. This will help mitigate the environmental impact of used solvents and reduce the need for their disposal by incineration or landfill.

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8. Forward Water Technologies Developments

Forward Water Technologies (FWT), the GreenCentre spin-off based on Prof. Philip Jessop’s work at Queen’s University, completed and is successfully operating its scalable Micro Pilot Unit. FWT also received funding from Southern Ontario Water Consortium’s Advancing Water Technologies program for collaborative projects with the University of Toronto.

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7. ICH4 Call for Academic Inventions

As part of our IHC4 (InnovationHouse Chemistry Countering Climate Change) program, we created the IHC4 Call for Academic Inventions to award proof-of-principle grants up to $50,000 for early-stage academic technologies that counter climate change.

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6. Ten Patents Successfully Issued

Our in-licensed portfolio now includes a total of 25 issued patents, of which 10 were granted in 2016 alone. This demonstrates our continued commitment to the development and commercialization of our green chemistry technologies.

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5. Partnership with Chiral Technologies

Our partnership with Chiral Technologies is an agreement to jointly commercialize a powerful new catalyst technology for the synthesis of fine chemicals, including pharmaceuticals and fragrance products. This technology, originally developed by Prof. Steve Bergens at the University of Alberta, allows for homogeneous catalysts to be used in flow reactor systems.

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4. License Agreement with Johnson Matthey

We entered into an exclusive licensing agreement with Johnson Matthey to manufacture catalysts that will make a wide variety of commercial products. These ester hydrogenation catalysts, originally developed by Prof. Dmitri Goussev at Wilfrid Laurier University, can be used to make pharmaceuticals, detergents, cosmetics, flavours, and fragrances.

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3. New Lab in Mississauga

We now have an operational lab at our Mississauga location at the Xerox Research Centre of Canada (XRCC), the first satellite location outside of our main Kingston site. The XRCC lab is now home to two of our scientists, Dr. Craig Wheaton and Dr. Brandon Djukic. Our partnership with XRCC also grants us access to XRCC’s pilot plant facility.

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2. Three Academic Technologies In-licensed

This past year, we in-licensed three new academic technologies: magnetoresistive random-access memory from Prof. Natia Frank (University of Victoria), emulsion separation materials from Prof. Guojun Liu (Queen’s University), and carbene self-assembled monolayers from Prof. Cathleen Crudden and Prof. J. Hugh Horton (Queen’s University).

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1. IHC4 SME Competition

We held our first IHC4 SME Competition, designed to accelerate technologies showing greenhouse-gas-reduction potential from startups and small-and-medium enterprises (SMEs). After an exciting day of presentations to an external panel, the five most promising SMEs were awarded with access to our expertise and services to complete a development project to advance their technologies.

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