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University of Toronto Green Chemistry Initiatives Hosts Next Steps in Green Chemistry Workshop

March 17, 2014

GreenCentre Canada is very proud to be a major sponsor for the Green Chemistry Initiative’s 2nd Annual Workshop: The Next Steps in Green Chemistry Research, which will take place May 21st to 23rd, 2014 at the University of Toronto, St. George Campus in Toronto, Ontario.

The workshop is designed to provide students and post-docs with the next level of information required to move from a general understanding of green chemistry to the actual application of it in their own research and in their future careers.

The University of Toronto Green Chemistry Initiative is a student-run organization out of the University of Toronto.  In search of a way to decrease the environmental impact of their own chemistry research, while educating others in the department and the community on the principles and merits of green chemistry, the Green Chemistry Initiative was founded to promote sustainable practices in the lab and in everyday life.

More information and registration for the workshop.