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Forward Water Technologies

Inventor: Dr. Philip Jessop

Institution: Queen’s University


Founded in November 2012


In November 2012, GreenCentre founded its second spin-off company, Forward Water Technologies. Based on a “switchable” technology invented at Queen’s University, this company aims to introduce a greener and more efficient way to desalinate and purify water.

About the Technology

In many areas of the world, fresh water is scarce and desalination of seawater is often the only option available. Currently, the dominant technologies used for desalination are distillation and reverse osmosis, both of which are costly and energy intensive.



Forward Water Technologies’ green desalination system is capable of purifying water using one of nature’s natural driving forces known as osmotic pressure. With their proprietary switchable salt, they are able to create an extremely salty solution capable of drawing pure water across a membrane without the use of heat or energy. Once this process is complete, the switchable salt is “switched off,” removed from the system, and collected again for re-use.

This process holds the promise of clean water for millions around the world through a desalination process that uses less energy and is much more cost effective than traditional systems.





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