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Inventor: Dr. John Dutcher

Institution: University of Guelph


GreenCentre investee company


In 2009, a team of researchers led by University of Guelph physics professor John Dutcher developed a nanoparticle that can be harvested and refined from corn through a simple and benign chemical process. The resulting nanoparticles are a natural, renewable material that can fulfill the rapidly growing global demand for eco-friendly advanced materials produced from sustainable sources.


About the Technology

Nanomaterials offer enormous potential for a variety of applications, but two major factors have restricted the adoption of conventional (synthetic or engineered) nanotechnology:

                the high cost of making synthetic nanomaterials 

                the hazardous nature of many synthetic nanoparticles 


Mirexus has solved these problems by developing a new nanomaterial that is extracted from corn and is completely edible. With the ability to retain moisture longer and extend the shelf life of products, this nanomaterial can be used as a natural ingredient in personal care products like moisturizers and sunscreens. Other potential applications include shelf life improvements for foods and in the pharmaceutical industry. Importantly, the material could enhance the performance of these products without an increase in cost.


How We Helped

In June 2014, GreenCentre announced it planned to invest up to $150,000 (with $100,000 already committed) into Mirexus as part of an investment round lead by Toronto-based GreenSky Capital. GreenCentre is also using their resource capabilities to support the advancement and the commercialization of this important sustainable technology.





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