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GreenCentre is working to reduce the environmental footprint of Ontario-based academic and industrial laboratory facilities

The safe operation of labs requires the use of significant amounts of energy and results in a substantial amount of greenhouse gas emissions and waste.

Did you know?



Labs consume 5x more energy per square foot than offices


One ultra-low temperature freezer consumes as much energy as an average house per day


Energy needed for ventilation of one fumehood results in emissions of up to 15 tons of CO2 per year



Approximately 12.1 billion pounds of plastic waste was generated in labs worldwide in 2014

The GreenLab Assessment Program provides a tool to gauge how the habits and procedures adopted by lab personnel impact its sustainability. The first step is a web-based assessment that covers the following 14 topics:

Electricity, Lighting, Cold Storage, Fumehoods / Ventilation, Water, Inventory Management, Recycling, Waste Reduction, Hazardous Waste, Green Chemistry, Gloveboxes, Travel, Field Work, Community

Evaluation of the assessment identifies areas of good practices as well as provides recommendations for changes to behaviours in the lab that will result in more sustainable laboratory operations.

Participation in the program will allow your facility to:

  • Identify areas of potential energy and water savings
  • Implement or improve existing waste reduction efforts
  • Save on utilities and consumables costs
  • Create a culture of ongoing sustainability



“The GreenLab Assessment audit is a wonderful tool to better understand your "green footprint", and it offers a number of low barrier ideas to help minimize the carbon intensity of your lab. Participation provides a valuable experience for researchers in your labs and is a great team building exercise if you choose to compete with other groups in your department”

Dr. Bryan D. Koivisto, Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biology and Director, Science Discovery Zone at Ryerson University.

How to Participate

The program is provided AT NO COST to your lab. This project is funded by proceeds from the Government of Ontario's carbon market, as part of Ontario's Climate Change Action Plan. The action plan and carbon market work together to support innovative initiatives that provide residents and businesses with more choices to reduce greenhouse gas pollution and save money. The GreenLab Assessment is provided through collaboration with My Green Lab.

Contact us to learn more about participating in this exciting program, please contact Dr. Preston Chase, Director of Academic Business Development.

The views and opinions expressed by the GreenLab Assessment Program are those of GreenCentre Canada and do not necessarily reflect those of the province.