Generating solutions that improve both the economy and the environment.

Working With Us


Our collaborative model for commercializing green chemistry innovation from academia helps fill the gap between great research and great commercial opportunities.

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Our access to industry networks, capital, market data, and lab facilities provide entrepreneurs and SMEs with the research capabilities of a global company.

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Our in-house experts help established firms enhance their R&D capabilities with confidential and collaborative fee-for-service opportunities.

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"GreenCentre is working with us to further improve our technology and develop specific applications to make it attractive to potential industrial clients. They also participate financially and strategically in intellectual protection. I am very grateful to them. They took care of all the legal aspects so I could focus on my research."

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Discover InnovationHouse

After a simple 15-second sign-up, you can be part of this immersive and interactive website with access to funding opportunities, a participant database, expert networks, and more. 

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