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Narrowing the gap between great research and great commercial opportunities


Green chemistry has tremendous potential to have a positive impact on our environment and our lives, provided discoveries move out of the lab and are ultimately commercialized. Making that transition involves building a business case and putting an emphasis on product or process development – not traditionally areas of expertise for academic researchers.

GreenCentre’s collaborative model can fill the gap between great research and great commercial opportunities. Our state-of-the-art facilities, highly experienced team of technical, business development, and intellectual property professionals, and strong relationships with global companies provide real opportunities to get innovations to market.


“Working with GreenCentre has given me access to additional funding and industrial contacts that have greatly enhanced my research program. GreenCentre’s assessment program alone provided commercial validation and was a key element in a successful NSERC I2I funding application. [continue reading]"
- Prof. Natia Frank, University of Victoria
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Our services include:

•     Technology assessment and due diligence
•     Intellectual property assessment, protection, and management
•     Market analysis to identify and assess value to industry
•     Product and/or process development to address known industry needs
•     Application development
•     Scale-up synthesis and customer sample preparation
•     Business plan development
•     Establish sales and marketing channels

Our expert team includes:

•     Industry members who assess and validate technology opportunities
•     Commercialization managers who direct technologies into the market
•     A dedicated team of scientists with experience in a wide array of chemistry disciplines

Success Stories

A selection of technologies from Canadian academic research labs that have been commercialized by GreenCentre Canada:

Prof. Philip Jessop, Queen's University >> Creation of Forward Water Technologies  

Prof. Steve Bergens, University of Alberta >> Partnership with Chiral Technologies  
Prof. Dmitri Goussev, Wilfrid Laurier University >> License Agreement with Johnson Matthey


Our Process

GreenCentre uses a four-step process to commercialization

GreenCentre works in partnership with the researcher and their technology transfer office (TTO) to help realize the potential of their research discovery. We are happy to receive solicited and unsolicited early-stage technology disclosures that are ready to move beyond the basic research stage. 

The process starts when a disclosure is submitted through our web portal InnovationHouse (usually by the institution's TTO or equivalent office). At this stage, we require: 

     A non-disclosure agreement with the host institution
     Disclosure documentation from the TTO, such as:
         •     Intellectual property submissions
         •     Published manuscripts
         •     Institution's internal disclosure form
     Confirmation that the technology rights are accessible for commercialization

After we receive the full disclosure, our 4-step commercialization process begins. GreenCentre values the expertise and input of researchers and TTO professionals, and they remain involved at every step. These are the actions that GreenCentre undertakes at each step to commercialization:



     Complete preliminary evaluation, including:
         •     Technology risk
         •     Commercial viability of patent position
         •     Market opportunity
         •     Fit with GreenCentre's mandate, including green chemistry aspect
     Provide preliminary assessment report and recommendation


     Secure a 90-day exclusive option to in-license the technology
     Identify potential applications and industry partners
     Create a non-confidential technology brief for potential industry partners
     Complete a full assessment of the technology
         •     Gauge level of interest from potential partners
         •     Analyze intellectual property
         •     Assess applications and potential market
     Provide full assessment report, leading to one of three possible outcomes:
         •     Exercise option and negotiate exclusive license terms
         •     Return technology to institution
         •     Provide proof-of-principle funding


     Generate technical and business development plan
     Develop roadmap for market applications
     Engage strategic development partners
         •     Commitments include cash and in-kind contributions
     Execute on development plan, including:
         •     Application and product development
              Commercial benchmarking
              Scale-up of product or process
              Sustainability evaluation
              Intellectual property filings to protect technology


     Contractually engage strategic customers, clients, and/or investors
     Commercialize technology, for example by means of:
         •     Start-up company creation
         •     Out-licensing agreements with industry
         •    Joint ventures with industry

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Our Commitment

Our services are provided with no up-front cost to the researcher or their institution. GreenCentre will execute the necessary confidentiality agreements and will ensure technology submissions are kept confidential.

As technologies are commercialized, our academic clients and their TTOs or equivalent offices share in the returns generated by those technologies. When discoveries create public benefit, institutions, researchers, and taxpayers are rewarded for their investments in basic research.


"GreenCentre allows academic researchers to achieve the focus on applications that industry requires, while simultaneously searching for other problems that the new technology will solve." 
- Prof. Jason Clyburne, St. Mary's University

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