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Our Service

Green chemistry has tremendous potential to have a positive impact on our environment and our lives. But without access to industry networks, capital, market data, and top-notch lab facilities and equipment, SMEs and entrepreneurs may never reach their full potential.

GreenCentre helps companies meet their research and development needs in a low-risk, collaborative structure.

GreenCentre provides an extensive and practical range of services to entrepreneurs. Our services include, but are not limited to, the following:


Concept Development Services

                Product sample testing
•                Additional technology consulting/assessment services
                Administrative support


Proof of Concept and Market Analysis

•                Laboratory proof of concept
•                Patentability analysis
•                Expanded consulting services and technical/business/network support
                Business model development and market analysis


Product Process Development Services

                Provisional patent application filing
•                Laboratory product development
                Business development
                Capital planning


Product/Process Launch Services

•                IP strategic support
                Scale-up manufacturing
•                Direct HQP development support
•                Application benchmarking
•                Customer testing
                Funding development and grant writing support


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Our Process

With our dedicated team of in-house experts, we can address every aspect of a client’s unique challenges, working to create customized solutions. We support commercialization through licensing arrangements or fee-for-service, and we often receive additional consideration through equity participation, supply agreements, or revenue sharing.


GreenCentre will assess each Entrepreneur based on the following criteria:

                Technology strength and potential disruptiveness
                Current management team
                Potential benefits to Ontario and Canada
                Potential impact of GreenCentre’s contributions
                Potential market opportunity
                Commercial viability of intellectual property position



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Companies We've Assisted 

GreenCentre provided guidance and funding to the following firms to help them commercialize and test their innovations:



Vive Crop’s scale-up of crop-protection polymer

Vive Crop has developed Allosperse, a water-dispersible polymer for enhanced delivery of crop protection products. Funding of $150,000 helped this cleantech company scale up the production of their innovative product. Crop protection chemicals can be made much more effective by coating plant surfaces more evenly, reducing the environmental footprint while maintaining crop yields. 




COFOVO Energy’s photovoltaic testing

Ottawa-based startup COFOVO Energy Inc. is developing a low-cost concentrator photovoltaic (CPV) system for use in high-sun locations. Funding of $123,000 was to be used for testing the performance of their proprietary CPV module under accelerated weather stresses, in addition to evaluating thermal and mechanical performance. The technology costs the same as standard solar panel technology, yet is more efficient and produces up to 60 per cent more electricity in high-sun locations where standard panels perform poorly.




Polar Sapphire’s green production of LED components

Polar Sapphire’s received $150,000 for its commercialization efforts in developing a proprietary green, low-energy process of producing high-purity alumina (HPA) in a pilot demonstration plant. HPA is used as a feedstock for manufacturing sapphire crystals, which are used as the substrate for LED devices that are found in consumer electronic display screens and energy-efficient lighting. The traditional process consumes nearly 50-kilowatt-hours-per-kilogram more energy than this new process.




Datec Coating’s scale-up of heating element

Datec Coating Corp. in Mississauga, Ontario focuses on developing high-performance, thick-film heating elements that can be applied directly to numerous substrate materials, providing fast, uniform, and on-demand heat using much less electrical energy. They can also be used in a wide variety of applications, including food service, medical, analytical, and consumer goods. Funding of $58,000 allowed Datec to scale-up production of a key material component of the heating element.



Altranex Energy’s green diesel additive

Altranex Energy is a developer and marketer of biodiesel fuels specifically formulated to work in cold climates. Green Kero is a drop-in replacement for diesel, biodiesel, and home heating oil that can be used directly in diesel engines or as an additive to petroleum diesel. Altranex was awarded $100,000 to further develop their proprietary technology.



Fortalesa’s adhesive innovation commercialization

Fortalesa Technologies, a startup company based on a technology developed at McMaster University, was awarded $100,000 to help commercialize their proprietary adhesive technology to be used in applications ranging from consumer goods to automotive. Fortalesa and GreenCentre will work together to optimize formulations and process parameters, and prepare test quantities of promising commercial prototypes for customer validation. 






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