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Working with Industry

GreenCentre provides a broad range of chemistry expertise, novel chemistry technologies and state-of-the-art facilities to address industry research challenges. 

Research Services 

GreenCentre has a dedicated team of in-house experts to help outside companies address their unique challenges, working to create customized and innovative solutions in a low-risk, confidential, and collaborative framework.

Our highly trained chemists and chemical engineers offer experience with organic, organometallic, inorganic, and polymer chemistries, with sustainable chemistry in mind. This expertise - along with state-of-the-art facilities - allows GreenCentre to provide innovation services across the entire development chain, from discovery to the pilot plant.

“GreenCentre Canada is an outstanding external collaboration partner.”  Timothy December,  Development Expert at BASF. 

At GreenCentre, we leverage our expertise and creativity to offer a variety of capabilities, including:

•     Evaluation and design of new chemistries, chemical processes, and applications
    Optimization of current synthesis and processes
    Custom chemical and material synthesis
    Scale-up of chemical processes to pilot-scale
    Environmental analysis and sustainable process design and development

“GreenCentre has been integral to ASM on several projects and we consider them part of our extended R&D community.” 
  Eric Shero, Director of ALD Process & Applications Development at ASM International.

Our competencies encompass a broad range of synthetic molecular and polymer chemistries, including:

    Catalyst testing/screening
    Organic and organometallic synthesis and optimization
    Air/moisture-sensitive or pyrophoric synthesis and optimization
    Process scale-up and implementation
    Surfactant design and testing
    Application development and verification
    Polymer synthesis and characterization

Our Facilities 

The GreenCentre Innovation Services team operates out of two unique and fully equipped laboratory spaces.   These two facilities allow GreenCentre to meet our clients' needs across the entire development chain, from early discovery bench work through to scale-up.

These facilities enable custom synthesis, product and process development, application testing, and scale-up activities for a wide variety of chemistry and materials technologies.  They include state-of-the-art wet labs with solvent-handling systems, inert atmosphere glove boxes and a full suite of analytical testing equipment.  Our scale-up area with large fume hoods are available for larger scale projects.

For clients requiring pilot unit design, construction and operation, in addition to pre-tolling services, GreenCentre has several partnering options available.  Whether accessing GreenCentre’s network or working with client preferred partners, GreenCentre offers a seamless transition to enable larger scale manufacturing or process development for our clients.

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Andrew Pasternak, Director of Commercialization & Business Development
P: 647-296-2237